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Best Stocks to buy for beginners in India

Best Stocks to buy for beginners in India, the initial planning of investments in the stock market can be confusing. However, more and more people are interested in the stock markets to make more money because F.D. interest rates lag behind the economy’s inflation rates. Planning where and how to start stock trading can be intimidating for beginners, but you should be aware that stock markets are not particularly complex.

The Indian stock exchanges have more than 5000 stocks listed. Beginners will need help evaluating each of these businesses to determine which ones they should try first. Stock trading courses for beginners also help them to buy the best stocks in India. We must examine the company’s operations, management, the health of the balance sheet, any potential increases from current levels, and many other factors.

It will get a little easier to analyze companies as you develop into a seasoned share market investor and continue to add to your knowledge of the subject. But as a newcomer, it will take time to determine which companies offer the best shares to buy for beginners in India. In this article, we will discuss the best shares to buy for beginners in India.

Below, we have listed a few best shares to buy for beginners in India.

Company Industry C.M.P. ( In Rs.) Market Cap (In Crore)
ITC FMCG 336.00 416,493
ICICI Bank Finance 916.75 638,593
Reliance Industries Oil & Energy 2502.85 1,693,373
TCS IT 3040.30 1,112,461
Infosys IT 1388.55 584,277
Coverage IT 3338.35 20,345
Eicher Motors Automobiles 3711.55 101,497
Bajaj Finserv Finance 1799.60 286,641

Details Of Best Shares To Buy For Beginners In India

1. ITC

One of the best stocks for beginners in India with limited funds is I.T.C., the top FMCG marketer in India and one of the companies founded in 1910. I.T.C. operates in the tobacco, lodging, paperboard, paper and packaging, and agribusiness industries. Some of its well-known brands include Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo, I.T.C. Master Chef, Fabelle, Sunbean, Fiama, Savlon, Classmate, and Papercraft.

The return on the I.T.C. share price is currently over 54%. The share price of I.T.C. has increased by more than 43% in the last year. The I.T.C. shares are likely to increase in value further due to lower selling prices and increased consumption brought on by the upcoming festival season.

2. ICICI Bank

The second-largest private sector bank in India is ICICI Bank which makes it the best stock for beginners in India. To serve its customers, the bank has 5,418 branches, 51% of which are in rural areas.

This year has been great for ICICI shares. The ICICI best stocks for beginners in India price increased by more than 23% YTD in 2022. Last week, the cost of ICICI shares reached a new 52-week high of Rs. 936.35. Over the previous year, the share price of ICICI Bank increased by more than 29%.

3.  Reliance Industries

The largest conglomerate in India, Reliance, has diversified into several industries, including telecom, textiles, petrochemicals, and E&P refining. With the rise in oil prices, Reliance has been profiting unexpectedly and is the best share to buy for beginners in India. Additionally, it keeps outpacing its competitors in the telecom industry.

Over 5% has been added to the Reliance share price in 2022. Reliance continues to exhibit promising prospects with plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 and many green energy projects currently in development.

4. T.C.S. Tata Consultancy  (T.C.S.)

In the list of stocks to buy for beginners in India, T.C.S. indeed has to be a part. The most extensive I.T. services and consulting firm in India is T.C.S., a part of the Tata Group and its headquarters in Mumbai. It is in Forbes’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies and is the second-largest company by market capitalization in India.

T.C.S. continues to express confidence in growth despite the company’s share price coming under pressure this year due to worries about a severe slowdown in the U.S. and European economies. Additionally, attrition rates have decreased.

5. Infosys

With T.C.S. in the list of stocks to buy for beginners in India, the second-largest I.T. company in India was founded in 1981 and is called Infosys, holding a strong position. It serves customers in over 50 countries by offering business consulting, technology, outsourcing, and next-generation digital services. In addition, the NYSE lists it.

In constant currency terms, Infosys wants a 14–16% revenue increase in 2022–2023. It also honestly believes that the frequency of supply chain disruptions has decreased, which will increase its profitability which is why it is the best stock for beginners in India.

6. Coforge

Coforge is an Indian provider of end-to-end software solutions formerly known as NIIT Technologies and a provider of stocks to buy for beginners in India.  This runs businesses for clients in over 21 countries by utilizing the cloud, data, integration, and automation technologies. Due to its strong earnings, solid order bookings, and stable margin outlook, Coforge is the best share to buy for beginners in India. Moreover, the United States accounts for more than half of its revenue. Therefore keeping it in the best stocks for beginners in India is a strong Idea.

7.  Eicher Motors

The owner of the iconic Royal Enfield brand, Eicher Motors, has almost complete control over the middleweight motorcycle market. These recognizable motorcycles are produced in Chennai and shipped all over the world. In addition, it makes fuel-efficient trucks and buses through a J.V. with the Volvo group.

On September 20, the share price of Eicher Motors reached a new 52-week high of Rs. 3,738,25, making it a member of the Rs. 1 trillion market cap club. Over the last three years, this share has returned over 107%, and YTD has increased by almost 44%.

8. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv, a subsidiary of the Bajaj Group, offers financial services. Its operations are divided between the life insurance, general insurance, and retail financing sectors. Additionally, it recently entered the healthcare and renewable energy industries. YTD, the Bajaj Finserv share price has increased by almost 10% which makes it the best share to buy for beginners in India.

Best Stocks For Beginners In India – FAQ

As beginners what should we consider before deciding on stocks to buy for beginners in India?

Ans. Even though it’s critical to do in-depth research on the stocks you’re interested in purchasing, the work continues. You must ensure that your portfolio investments align with your investment horizon and risk tolerance levels. It should be reasonably diversified and should help you achieve your financial objectives. This way you can find the best shares to buy for beginners in India.



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