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Open Demat Account Online With ICICI Bank

A Demat account is an electronic-based account that holds shares and securities of people in a dematerialized form. People consider the Demat account more convenient and reachable, and it has long-term assets such as shares, securities, bonds, and exchange-traded funds ( ETFs ).   It helps create a reliable path for a person to buy and sell securities. It is a fast and secure means of transaction. Any investor can check their financial statement anytime, as it is pretty transparent.

You have to log into the account, and all the information will appear in front of you. Demat account can quickly provide details on all financial matters. To enter into the trade or stock market, first, you must open a Demat account online because all transactions are done only from the Demat account. It directly connects the person with all the activities running into the stock exchange market.

For ICICI bank Demat account opening, you have to directly contact and fulfill some requirements needed for opening the Demat account. ICICI provides services to people on how to open a Demat account in ICICI Bank or how to open a Demat account with ICICI Bank. Here we will learn about how to open a Demat account in icici bank and other details.


A dematerialization is an electronic record containing all the information regarding the Demat account. It is formed to create a transparent proposal, and it provides a safe and secure transaction. The main motive of dematerialization account creation is to meet the increasing buying and selling rate of shares and securities.

It contains all the information digitally, and it is easy to use. Dematerialization initiates buying and selling shares, bonds, and securities. People open a Demat account and store all the claims and securities in the account, and once all the formalities are complete, you can choose the right and profitable deal for your securities. 

It provides convenient and less tiresome trading of securities and bonds. All the transactions are done online in a proper form of rules and regulations. Before buying and selling any assets, it has to undergo the process of dematerialization.

Benefits Of Demat Account 

Before jumping to how to open a demat account in icici bank, let’s talk about its benefits. Demat accounts are pretty secure and help easily trade shares and securities. Once you step into the stock market, the foremost important thing you have to do is open a Demat account.

Then, you can start investing through an ICICI bank Demat account opening and earn a tremendous and deserving amount for your securities and shares. Some of the benefits of a Demat account are as follows :

1. Elimination of odd lots 

Demat account provides a straightforward transaction, and buying and selling one security at a time can save a person from defective lots. Anyone can invest through a Demat account and buy or sell a single share or security if wanted.

2. Easy liquidation and monetization

People often turn their assets into digital forms to open a Demat account, but it also provides an option to transfer the shares and securities into liquid form, which helps the investor invest and leave the market as per their wish and requirement.

3. Safety and security of transaction 

Demat account or dematerialization is considered the safest and most secure mode of transaction because all the data and information are stored online, and no one can enter the version without the owner’s permission. There are no chances of theft, loss, or anything, as this market works under some guidelines, and Demat accounts are considered the most reliable.

4. Reduced costs 

Buying and selling bonds, shares, and securities were considered very costly before, while after the introduction of the Demat account and dematerialization, the price of all the formalities was reduced. Before the opening of Demat accounts, all the work is done through paper, which takes a lot of time and effort.

In addition, sometimes people have to spend a lot of money on stamp duty and other costs. In contrast, now, people can open their Demat account by themselves, eliminating the mediator and reducing the unusual expenses.

5. Easy transmission 

Demat account provides various services, one of which allows for accessible communication. In a joint statement, people can transfer their securities from one person to another, which helps people to make easy transactions.

How To Open Demat Account In ICICI Bank: Documents Required 

To know how to open a Demat account in icici bank, you must have some documents. The investor can fulfill the ICICI bank Demat account opening alone, while some can find a broker who can help with the ICICI bank Demat account opening.

Usually, ICICI bank provides full training about how to open a Demat account in ICICI bank. Before jumping into the stock market, people often think about how to open a Demat account with ICICI Bank, but it is pretty easy and hassle-free to open it. 

How to open a Demat account in ICICI Bank is a widespread concern, while ICICI Bank clears all the fears about the ICICI Bank Demat account opening. Therefore, you can register as a service member on how to open a Demat account in ICICI bank.

1. Signature 

You must upload your signature picture on a blank white paper after signing it. There should be no difference among the signatures on the PAN card.

2. PAN card 

A PAN card is used as an identity proof of whether the person is Indian. It is compulsory to fill in a copy of your PAN card. All information should be visible clearly.

3. Financial document 

The person has to submit all the documents that replicate that person’s financial status. All you need is all the documents that show your financial position. Bank statement for six months, Demat holding statement, photocopy of the income tax return, net worth certificate, holding report, etc., are the critical information needed for the ICICI bank Demat account opening.

4. Proof of bank account 

You must upload pictures of all the canceled cheques and, if needed pass book or statement for the past six months.

Various plans show how to open a Dema account with ICICI Bank. However, sometimes people need more options or ideas about how to open a Demat account with ICICI Bank.

How To Open a Demat Account in ICICI Bank Online 

Anyone can visit the official website of ICICI Bank, and there must be a link saying how to open a Demat account with ICICI Bank. You can download the form on how to open a Demat account in ICICI bank from the site. If needed, people can visit the offline branches for how to open a Demat account with ICICI Bank. 


The ICICI bank is one of the most famous and trustable banks for opening all accounts. The bank will help you with the complete verification of accounts. ICICI Bank has many employees and even charges a low rate for the opening. Demat accounts are the need of the hour, and many people have made it their business and earned significant profits from this. Hope now you know how to open a Demat account in icici bank.

Open Demat Account Online With ICICI Bank: FAQs

How to open a Demat account in ICICI Bank online, and how to open a Demat account with ICICI Bank offline?

Ans. There are no such long processes for how to open a Demat account in ICICI bank. You can do it yourself by surfing the official website of ICICI Bank, or you can visit the nearby ICICI Bank for all the information required.

What are the charges for the Demat account in ICICI Bank?

An. The bank charges 700 INR for the annual maintenance.

What is the total duration to open a Demat account in ICICI bank?

Ans. Completing the Demat account takes around 2-5 working days, and the timing depends upon which kind of account you’re opening.



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