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Best UPI App for Cashback in India

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), a company under the control of the RBI, developed the payment platform known as the Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Using a valid UPI ID, a virtual payment address connected to your bank account, and the best UPI app for cashback in India you can instantly send money online between any two banks and accounts.

Features of UPI 

The best UPI app for cashback in India has various astonishing features which encourage many users to avail of its benefits happily and actively. Let’s talk about some of the primary features:

  • Bill-sharing service
  • Swift fund transfers via IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), which are much faster than NEFT, require an MPIN (Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number) for each payment.
  • UPI is available around-the-clock and even on all legal holidays.
  • A Virtual Payment Address is a unique I.D. that the bank offers.
  • An excellent choice for utility bill payments, merchant payments, OTC payments, in-app payments, and even barcode-based payments.
  • The mobile UPI payment app also allows for direct complaint submission. 

Benefits Of UPI

best UPI app for cashback comes with a plethora of benefits. Some of the benefits of the UPI are listed below:

  1. It is an instant payment service that allows you to send or receive money 24×7.
  2. You can initiate the transactions from the UPI of any bank in India.
  3. UPI offers you a daily transaction limit of RS.1 lac
  4. It provides you with easy transfers with the virtual address of the payments.
  5. The transactions are free, but some banks charge a minimal amount.
  6. You can still use UPI for money transfers even if you don’t have a bank account.
  7. There is no need to mention any beneficiary.

Is UPI Safe? 

When you begin using India’s UPI app, your safety must be on your mind because it is more important than money to all of us. Do you have a question arising which UPI app is best and safe? So, NPCI, a company that deals with fund transfers, built UPI technology. The RBI and banks are watching over this system.

Each best UPI app for cashback in India faces challenges. There are rules for everything, and a review process is conducted by banks and security experts that are then introduced to the market.

For example, if your transactions were unsuccessful or did not reach the beneficiary account, they would automatically return to the sender accounts. This feature and others are built-in to ensure your best UPI app for cashback complete security and safety.

Best UPI App for Cashback in India

The table below mentions the best UPI app for cashback in India. You can consider the table below to find out which UPI the I app is best and safe.

S.N. App Name Rating
1. Paytm 4
2. Google Pay 4
3. Phonepe 4
4. BHIM 3
5. Amazon India 3
6 Airtel thanks App 4.5


To operate in the Indian market, these companies need to build a consumer base. So to make a rich and faster consumer base, these companies started to offer cash back on transactions that you do on their platform. Let us find out the best UPI app within cashback 2022.

Details of Top UPIs

Here we have a detailed explanation of UPI apps to help you find out which UPI app is best and safe.

1. Google Pay

Google pay, previously named TEZ, which Google owns. We were ranked first because it offers up to Rs. 201 per referral and Rs. 51 upon signup. The entire Cashback was transferred directly to your linked bank account. Additionally, you will receive scratch cards when you make payments, recharge your devices, or conduct other business with one of their partners. It is the best UPI app for cashback.

2. Phone Pe UPI

Phonepe, owned by Flipkart, is one of the apps UPI apps for cashback in India because it offers significant Cashback on all UPI transactions and credits the money to a wallet that can be used to pay for services or make purchases at merchant stores. Additionally, they offer up to Rs. 100 per referral, and they’ve recently added the Phonepe Scratch Card, which you can view in the section devoted to rewards. This makes it the best UPI app with cashback 2022.

3. Paytm

You don’t need to install separate apps for each service, such as recharges, movies, travel, banking, etc. It is an all-in-one solution. Additionally, they offer the Bhim Upi Service, which best UPI app with cashback 2022  and allows you to transfer money with excellent Cashback from one bank account to another.

In case you don’t have a bank account, you can still use their bank account because it also has a payments bank that you can open for free online with just a tiny KYC.

4.  Airtel Thanks App

Because it offers free Rs.50 Cashback for referrals, the Airtel Upi App is the best way to earn Cashback. Another is that they are currently offering massive Cashback on their partners’ sites, apps, and stores. If you use Airtel, you can reload your account through the Airtel Thanks app and receive Cashback on each recharge.

5.  Amazon Pay UPI

Because they have yet to release a refer and earn offer, Amazon Upi is the best UPI app for cashback. By using UPI, you can recharge your phone and receive Cashback. They occasionally offer Upi Cashback, which allows customers to make transactions for the mentioned amounts and receive Cashback in the form of a pay balance that can be used exclusively on Amazon. When they shop and make payments at merchant stores.


By completing more and more transactions with Bhim, owned by the Government, you will receive rewards directly in your bank account.

Additionally, you can make money by sharing with your friends. Your friends will receive Rs. 10 when they download using your link and your referral code. This makes it the best UPI app for cashback.


All apps that use the UPI API are secure because the Rbi terms and conditions cover them. They only utilize the UPI Money app. Wait for 5 Days, and your account will be restored if your transaction fails or your reward is not added to your account. Alternatively, contact the specific App’s customer support. We hope, now you know the details of the best UPI app with cashback 2022

Best UPI App for Cashback – FAQs

Which is the best UPI app with cashback 2022?

Ans. Many are on the list, but we recommend you go for Amazon pay because it is new to this sector and growing. As a result, they have to attract customers through cashback rewards so that their consumer base can be built up.

Which UPI app is best and safe?

Ans. BHIM is considered the safest UPI app in India because it is owned and managed by the Indian Government.

What is UPI?

Ans. NCPI developed an online payment platform called UPI (Unified Payment Interface). You can use UPI for instant payments from your bank account to another.

In case my payment gets struck while sending using UPI, how many days does it take to get my refund?

Ans. If your payment has yet to reach the receiver, you don’t have to worry; it takes 20 minutes to 3 days to get your refund. Your payment stays safe.



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