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Union Bank of India Net Banking: Registration, UBI Internet Banking

Union Bank of India (UBI) has enhanced customer accessibility by offering a range of services through its online Union Bank of India net banking registration feature, which is both convenient and free of charge. This digital platform allows customers to securely and swiftly manage various transactions, including fund transfers and tax payments, all from the comfort of their own space. Read on to discover more about this seamless banking service offered by Union Bank of India and Union Bank of India internet banking login.

Services Offered Through Union Bank of India Net Banking

Customers can avail themselves of various services through UBI Net Banking, including:

  • Viewing transaction activities in their savings accounts
  • Downloading and viewing e-statements of their accounts
  • Facilitating electronic fund transfers within or outside the bank
  • Enabling electronic money transfer services like NEFT or RTGS
  • Accessing UBI accounts globally 24/7
  • Making both direct and indirect tax payments
  • Conducting online ticket bookings and bill payments

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Variants of Union Bank of India Net Banking

UBI provides two main types of net banking services:

1. Retail Net Banking of UBI

Tailored for the general public, this service assists in providing mortgages and collecting consumer deposits to support individuals.

2. Corporate Net Banking of UBI

Catering specifically to small or large corporate organizations, this service focuses on business requirements such as hiring employees, business expansion, and related needs.

How to do Union Bank of India Net Banking Registration?

Union Bank of India Internet Banking Registration process has two types

  1. Online Registration Process
  2. Offline Registration Process

1. Online Registration Process for Union Bank of India Net Banking

The online registration process for the Union Bank of India Internet Banking guide is below

  • Open
  • GO to the ‘Online Banking’ section and click on ‘Union Bank Net Banking.’
  • Click on ‘Self User Creation.’
  • Choose ‘Transaction Facility’ or ‘View Facility’ based on whether you possess a debit card or not.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Enter account number, DOB, PAN, and the verification code.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Enter your debit card details and PIN.
  • Agree to the terms of use and click ‘Continue.’
  • Input the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • On the ‘User Access Credential’ page, create your ‘Internet Login Password’ and ‘Transaction Password.’
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Fill in the ‘Union Bank of India net banking login’ credentials.
  • Click ‘Agree,’ enter the valid ‘Captcha,’ and select ‘Update.’

2. Offline Registration Process for Union Bank of India Net Banking

For the offline registration process Check the below steps:

  • Go to your nearest branch of Union Bank of India for the offline move toward the Union Bank of India internet banking registration process.
  • After Completion of the application form attach your ID and address proof with the application form.
  • Then you can submit the same form, and the bank will process your Internet banking request.
  • After verification, you will receive your user ID and password of yours.
  • Within 24 hours the Union Bank Net Banking services will be activated.

How to Reset Union Bank of India Net Banking Password?

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Union Bank Net Banking’ under ‘Online Banking.’
  • Choose ‘Forgot/Create Password’ from the drop-down menu or click ‘Retail User Login.’
  • Select ‘Forgot/Reset Password.’
  • Opt for either Union Bank of India login/Transaction Password- Retail users having Debit Card’ or ‘Online reset of Login Password- Retail users without Debit Card.’
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Enter your User ID and account number.
  • Input either your date of birth or PAN number.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Then you enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Change the Union Bank of India login Password following the provided instructions.
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Finally, the message ‘The password is changed successfully’ will be displayed on the screen.

How to Transfer Fund using Union Bank of India Net Banking Registration?

Once registered, Union Bank of India customers can easily check their account balance and perform various banking activities by logging in with their User ID and password. These activities include fund transfers, downloading e-statements, paying credit card bills, and more. Process for Fund Transfer via UBI Net Banking:

Registered net banking customers can follow these steps to transfer funds:

  • Visit (
  • Select ‘Retail Login’ or ‘Corporate Login’).
  • Enter your user ID and password, then click ‘Union Bank of india login.’
  • Click on ‘Transaction’.
  • Select ‘Beneficiary Management’.
  • Fill in the required details, including account number and IFSC, and click ‘Continue’.
  • Choose ‘Fund Transfer & Payments’ based on your preference.
  • Enter the transaction password and OTP, then click ‘Confirm Details’.
  • Select the account from the ‘Pay from Account’ and ‘Personal payees’ drop-down menu.
  • Enter the amount, transaction type (NEFT/RTGS), and remarks (if any).
  • Enter the OTP received and click ‘Confirm Payment’.

How to Enrol for Union Bank of India Net Banking?

To register for UBI Net Banking, users can choose from three different channels:

1. Debit Card Holder

Users can generate a User ID and password by using the ‘Self User Creation’ option on the official website.

2. Non-Debit Card Holder

Individuals without a debit card can register for Net Banking services to perform non-financial operations and access banking information by selecting the ‘Register without an ATM card’ option.

3. Commercial Customers

Commercial users can register for net banking by visiting their local UBI branch and completing the application form provided for this purpose.

Transaction Limits Under Union Bank of India Net Banking

To use NEFT services, Union Bank of India customers need to provide the following details:

  • Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) of the branch for the transfer.
  • Beneficiary’s name.
  • Beneficiary’s account number.

Fund Transfer Timings


  • Weekdays: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • 1st and 3rd Saturdays: 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Sundays: NEFT transfer not possible


  • IMPS remittances can be done any day, including Sundays.
  • Bulk fund transfers should be processed before 6 p.m. for beneficiaries to receive funds on the same or next day.

Charges Table NEFT & RTGS

Transaction Amount

NEFT charges for SBI

NEFT charges for other banks

Upto Rs. 10,000


2.50 + Tax
Rs. 10,000 to 1 Lac No charges 5 + Tax
Rs. 1 lac to 2 Lacs   15+ Tax
Above 2 lacs   25 + Tax

Transaction Time

RTGS Charges from Rs. 2 Lacs to 5 Lacs

RTGS Charges for more than 5 Lacs

From 7 AM to 1 PM And Beyond 24.50 + Tax 49.50 + Tax

How to Pay Credit Card Bill Using Union Bank of India Net Banking?

Once users have completed their Union Bank of India internet banking registration, they can access various services, including credit card bill payments. After the self-user creation process, users need to log in with their user ID and password to link their credit cards using their ATM PIN. Once logged in, users can make credit card payments by selecting the ‘Credit Card Payment’ option under ‘Net Banking.’

Open a Savings Account with Union Bank of India Step-by-Step Guide

The steps to open a savings account with Union Bank of India online are as follows:

  • Install the ‘Union Selfie & M-passbook’ on your Android smartphone.
  • Capture a selfie.
  • You scan your PAN card and Aadhaar card.
  • An account number will be instantly generated.
  • Visit the Union Bank of India branch with your original documents to activate your account number.
  • Alternatively, you can fill out the online form on the Union Bank savings account page.
  • When the online form is received, visit the branch for additional verification.
  • If you prefer a bank representative to visit you and assist in opening your account through tablet banking, give a missed call to 922-300-9696.

Process to Open an Offline Savings Account with UBI

For offline account opening, visit the nearest Union Bank of India branch with original and copy documents for KYC verification.

Assistance for Union Bank of India Internet Banking

Union Bank of India offers efficient assistance to its customers in case of any issues with Internet banking. If users face difficulties with sign-on or are unable to recover their transaction password, they can take the following steps:

  • You can call the 24×7 Call Centre to reset the password and have a new password dispatched.
  • Send an email to or to receive fresh passwords via speed post or courier.

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Union Bank Internet banking is one of the best options for people who are looking for the most accessible and low-cost services. The services are easily available anywhere anytime. You can easily register and log in to the internet banking of Union Bank and perform the transactions without any worry. 

Union Bank of India Net Banking – FAQs

Who is eligible for UBI net banking services?

Ans. Anyone with an active account at UBI can access and utilize their Union Bank of India internet banking registration.

What are the requirements to avail of Union Bank Net Banking Service?

Ans. To efficiently use Union Bank Net Banking, a PC with a PII processor, 32 GB RAM, and Internet Explorer 6.0 or above is essential.

Is there any possibility that Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are eligible for Union Net Banking service?

Ans. Yes, NRIs are eligible for Union Net Banking. They can visit the official website, and choose the ‘Self User Creation’ option to generate a User ID and password, enabling access to services from anywhere globally.

What should I do if I forget my User ID for net banking?

Ans. If you forget your User ID for net banking, contact the nearest UBI branch or send an email to, providing essential details like date of birth, address, account number, and name. The bank representatives will assist you in retrieving or emailing you your user ID.

Is there a fee to activate Union Bank Net Banking?

Ans. No, the Union Bank of India does not impose any charges on users for activating net banking services.



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