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What are the Different Types of Investments

Investment is all about purchasing an asset. In the market, there are numerous investing options. Some assets are only suited for some investors. Risks associated with each of these are different.

As a result, investors must select the investment types that best fit their financial plans and aspirations. There are various types of investment options available that investors don’t know about. Here, we will discuss the different types of investments.

Different Types of Investments

If you are looking for different types of investments, We have divided the different types of investments in the market into three major groups. Those are

  • Investments with a fixed income
  • Investments based on the market
  • Other investments

Types of Investments

We will give you details about the six different types of investment options. Below are listed types of investments:

1. Fixed Deposit (FD)

Various organizations provide fixed deposits. It is one of the different types of investments. Investments with guaranteed returns, such as fixed-term deposits (FDs). They can serve anywhere from seven days to ten years. Rate of interest that the investor gets lies between 3% to 7%.

2. Bonds

Bonds provide a fixed interest rate against their initial investment. The borrowers raising funds publicly or in private for various enterprises are responsible for issuing bonds. A bond is a document fragment that details the bond’s interest rate, date of maturity, and bond terms.

Bondholders are compensated in full upon maturity). Investors can also sell bonds on the secondary market before they develop for better prices and profit. Bonds are low-risk financial investments.

3. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

One of the post office savings programs introduced by the National Savings Institute is the Public Provident Fund. But some nationalized and private banks are permitted to take PPF investments.

Because the Government of India supports the program, returns are assured. Consequently, they are low-risk investments. Furthermore, there is a 15-year lock-in period for PPF investments. Additionally, the investor can extend the plan in 5-year increments. Further, one might invest in PPF to save on taxes.


Shares are equity investments. Investors could acquire stock or shares in a corporation, giving them a stake. Investing in stocks is done to receive dividend payments regularly and capital gains. Investors might profit by selling shares at higher stock prices. Since Stocks provide market-based returns, stocks are the riskiest investment 

5. Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are financial investment options that aggregate investor funds to invest in equities and debt-based assets. A mutual fund invests strategically in stocks, corporate and government bonds, and other assets.

The fund company chooses a portfolio manager or fund manager to oversee the mutual fund. Every mutual fund has a goal for its investments. Depending on the assets, there are many types of mutual funds.

6. Real Estate

Real estate investment comprises acquiring, owning, and managing tangible assets. This type of investment is primarily done to give property on rest for regular as a regular income source or resell it at a greater price in the future. 

There are no significant land and property price fluctuations in a shorter period. Investors should therefore consider real estate if they have long-term investment plans. Investors should use caution before making a real estate investment by conducting market research and obtaining the papers offered by the seller authenticated by legal experts. 


Putting money into different types of investments is only one aspect of investing. It is crucial to choose the best support to shortlist. Before making an asset investment, one should take a variety of factors into account. We hope this has answered your question about the different types of investments.

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What are the Different Types of Investments – FAQs

Will this improve the value of my portfolio?

Ans. Because a product just launched, you choose not to purchase it. It should fill a gap in your portfolio and provide the exposure you don’t currently have. Are you investing in a third tech fund, tripling your exposure to the sector? Or are you purchasing anything brand-new? Don’t stock up on mutual funds like you would on clothing. Knowing the different types of investments, you can properly divide and manage your portfolio.

When should I invest?

Ans. Generally, the earlier, the better. In the past, the market’s short-term ups and downs have historically had less of an effect on your return the longer you invest. Before investing, you must know what the different types of investments are.




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