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How to Get Monthly Income from Investment in India

Everyone wants to earn money and for that, everyone works hard. People always want to grow their monthly income to do better in life. Investment is one of the methods to increase your monthly income side-wise. You can get monthly income from Investment in India very easily.

There are many different investment plans available which have been designed specifically to meet the different financial needs of investors. To meet their financial demands and to increase their wealth over the long run, investors must concentrate on returns to get Monthly Income from Investment. Here, we’ve covered the top ways to get monthly Income from investment in India to help you make the best investment decision.

As you further undertake in-depth research on the best monthly income scheme for 2023, you may find a variety of services. You will be better able to understand which kind of scheme is most suitable for the participants and how to make the most of it if you learn how to get monthly income from the Investment below.

Top 10 Plans to Get Monthly Income from Investment in India

Here is the list of plans to get monthly income. We have described a few ways to get monthly income from Investment. Let’s look at that

1. Mutual Funds Monthly Income Plans

Mutual funds with monthly income plan investments are mostly present in debt securities, and the interest that accumulates is periodically delivered to investors. The monthly income plans are ideal for investors who want an ongoing source of income in mutual funds in India and who want to build up a fund for a short-term period because they tend to have a lesser amount of risk than equity investments.

2. Monthly Income Fixed Deposit Schemes

Investors who want to receive a fixed, periodic revenue with the security of guaranteed returns at a set rate of interest can get a monthly income fixed deposit scheme. The length of these deposits might range up to 10 years, depending on the banks and plan. Before maturity, the investors may take premature withdrawals. For monthly pay-out fixed deposits, the interest in these programs will be paid at a discount rate.

3. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY)

PMVVY was launched With the goal of providing financial security to elders and senior citizens after retirement. The Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana offers fixed interest rates of 8%–8.30% per year while providing seniors with a steady income. This plan has a 10-year policy term, depending on the pensioner’s payment preference. The annuity is paid at the end of the policy term on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.

4. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)

This savings program is available to people who have reached the age of around 60. If a person is 55 years old and retiring via a voluntary retirement plan or pension funds, they may also qualify for SCSS to get monthly income from investment. The current interest rate for the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme is 8.7%, and payments are made at the end of each quarter.

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5. Stocks Offering Dividends

Stock investing is a fantastic way to get monthly income from investments. Investing in equities that provide steady profits over time should be the main goal of investors. However, one should search for stocks that have historically paid out regular dividends before buying. The investors receive the dividends as a regular income.

6. Long-Term Government Bonds

Government bonds are an excellent less-risk investment option for risk-averse investors. The maturities of these bonds range from 5 to 40 years. Indian government-set coupon payments or monthly interest payments to take place on government bonds. Bonds given out by the government have a set maturity date. Raising money for government spending is the primary goal of offering government bonds.

7. Corporate Deposits

Numerous non-banking financial organizations (NBFOs) and housing finance companies (HFCs) provide corporate deposits. These are similar to bank deposits in that customers invest with a business, but they are less secure than bank deposits. Corporate deposits offer additional freedom that bank deposits do not, along with paying a high-interest rate.

8. Systematic Withdrawal Plans

Every person has different monetary requirements. Therefore, every investor has a different investment strategy that could work for them. While some investors aim for capital growth, others want consistent returns.

To meet the needs of various sorts of investors, fund houses offer a wide range of instruments and facilities. A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is one such solution to get monthly income from investment in India.

9. Annuity Plans

Indian insurance firms provide pension plans, which give a steady income at a lesser risk. Investing in a lump sum to get monthly income from Investment, can be used as a retirement plan. A deferred annuity provides income after a fixed-tenor period. Immediate annuity offers regular income as soon as you pay a lump sum payment. However, buying annuities involves a variety of costs, including commission and withdrawal fees. It is taxable as well and offers no tax benefits.

10. India’s Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

Investment plans are available in the form of Post’s Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS), which allows people to get monthly income from investments. Government ensures this plan and it is a fantastic investment for those who are averse to risk and want a reliable stream of income.

Presently, the POMIS offers 7.4% annual interest with interest paid each month. The plan has a five-year deposit period. The maximum individual contribution is Rs. 4,50,000, while the upper limit joint investment is Rs. 9,00,000.

What is the Importance of Getting Monthly Income From Investment?

Understanding the advantages of various investment options is important before making a decision. You can get monthly income from investment along with many benefits.  Investors who are getting closer to retirement age or have already retired like to participate in monthly income-generating schemes.

A person can have a consistent income stream and be financially comfortable even after retirement with the help of a monthly income scheme. Based on their financial objectives and level of risk tolerance, the individuals should decide what to invest in.

Different investment plans are made with different features and benefits which is according to the investor’s type and requirement, it is essential to understand the advantages associated with various types of investment plans. People who are employed and have a regular monthly salary should invest to get monthly income. Investment emphasizes revenue and appreciation of capital strategies.

However, one would also want to participate in schemes that offer monthly returns to meet their urgent financial demands after retirement. The basic relevance of these programs is the passive income generation that results in financial independence.

Factors to Consider to Get Monthly Income From Investment

Before investing in monthly income schemes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • People should think about the current condition of the market before investing in any plans.
  • When the interest rate is high, the majority of experienced investors prefer to invest in the Monthly Income Scheme since a higher interest rate leads to a decline in net asset value.
  • Since there are so many Monthly Income Plans accessible on the market nowadays, people should take extra care before selecting a specific kind of scheme.
  • Before investing in Monthly Income Plans, potential investors should be informed of their desires and requirements.


As we know there are many ways to get monthly income in India. Before investing in any of the Investment programs, you should learn which plan would best meet the various financial goals. To achieve consistent returns on investment, it is important to select the appropriate investment strategy after considering one’s risk tolerance and financial goals into account. We have now shared all the information regarding how to get monthly income from investment In India. You can follow the plans and start investing today.

How to Get Monthly Income from Investment in India – FAQ

How much investment do I need to make to earn Rs.50, 000 per month in India?

Ans. You would need to invest roughly Rs. 9000 per month for 10–12 years in such schemes to receive a pension of Rs. 50K per month.

Why should I invest in Income-generating investment plans?

Ans. Income-generating investment plans enable people to explore new investment possibilities with an extra source of income while also improving liquidity. This effectively builds wealth and ensures a certain level of financial freedom.

What are stocks offering Dividends?

Ans. Stock investing is a fantastic way to get monthly income from investments. The investors receive dividends and steady profits as a regular income.

Who can avail Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)?

Ans. This savings program is available to people who have reached the age of 60.

How monthly income scheme benefit?

Ans. A person can have a consistent income stream and be financially comfortable even after retirement with the help of a monthly income scheme.



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