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Financial Advisor Salary in India

Do you wish to be a financial planner and wanted to know bout the salary of a financial planner? Here in this content, we will tell you about finance planner salaries. Financial management is an essential and fundamental requirement for all corporate and small businesses in this new era. Here comes a unique employment opportunity for a Financial advisor salary in India.

The finance planner’s salary in India or overseas starts from nearly 12 lakhs per annum.  financial advisor salary for freshers is also quite decent as most people are new to this employment sector.

A personal finance advisor’s salary is relatively less than a corporate one. As a result, the corporate finance advisor is considered significant. Before jumping to the financial planner salary, let’s understand financial planning.

What is Financial Planning?

To make wise decisions about spending, saving, and investing, financial planning comprises examining one’s financial resources and commitments. This includes financial analysis, which involves looking at financial information like budgets or bank accounts to see how a customer or firm uses its financial resources.

Corporations may use a financial plan or analysis to assess business trends, pinpoint potential development areas, or gauge the profitability of particular expenditures. According to this report, people and organizations can adjust certain aspects of their spending to increase their bottom line.

Goal-setting is a part of financial planning for individuals and corporations. These objectives, like saving for a down payment on a home or repaying student loans, may only take a few years. Long-term goals, such as retirement savings, also require regular monitoring to ensure people stay on track with their objectives.

Investment analysis can be used by individuals or businesses to identify stocks or bonds that will enable them to grow their savings over time. People hire financial planners to attain good financial planning. They pay good Finance planner salary to manage their finances.

Responsibilities of a Financial Planner

There are many responsibilities that financial advisors bear in exchange for the salary of a financial planner. Let’s have a look:

Customer Interviews

Financial planners must understand a customer’s current economic state, future goals, and level of comfort with risk before creating an acceptable financial plan for that client. Planners and clients are both welcome to ask questions during the interview. However, the financial planner must use active listening and observational skills during this interview.

Financial Evaluation

Financial planners must consult a range of papers to determine their client’s present financial situation. A sensible and workable budget can be created by reviewing bank statements, current investments and balances, credit card records, and loan agreements. Professionals can also use it to generate investment and savings plans.

Investment Analysis

Financial planners must closely monitor the financial markets to spot trends and predict performance. For example, reviewing quarterly financial statements of the company. Financial planners can do financial analysis with the aid of several software programs, such as WealthTec Foundations, Oracle Financials, and Finance Logix Retirement Planner.

Portfolio Management

Financial planners frequently handle numerous investments in various industries. For example, these investments could consist of certain companies’ bonds, commodities, or stocks. Therefore, the financial planner must evaluate the road to each asset to choose the perfect blend of high-risk and low-risk investments.

Communication with Clients

Clients of financial advisers get monthly updates on the performance of their investments. They might also closely watch the client’s loan repayment progress and net worth, as well as progress updates on a specific target. Financial concepts could be challenging for clients to understand. The financial planner must provide clear and understandable explanations about complex data   Customers could feel fear during a market crisis. To explain what has happened and how it affects their investment plan, the financial advisor should be there.


Financial planners may be required to engage in networking and marketing activities to find new clients. Methods could include running retirement planning workshops, attending community and business association meetings, or creating informative blogs for a website. Financial planners who run independent financial planning firms must set a budget for marketing expenses and activities to bring in new clients.

Areas in which Financial Planners can be Employed

Trading Agencies

Financial planners provide their clients with stocks and investment solutions in these companies. They might be paid a commission on these sales, affecting their yearly salaries. 51% of personal financial advisers work in the securities and commodities sector, and personal finance advisor salary annually  in this sector has an average of INR 1,06,92,935.75

Intermediation of Credit

These businesses assist customers in creating debt repayment strategies. For example, financial advisors can help people in developing budgets and discuss debt settlements.


 Banks provide various financial products, such as money market accounts and certificates of deposit. These services may be offered to customers by financial advisers. They might also recommend other banking services, such as loans or checking accounts.

Insurance Businesses

Financial planners work for insurance firms and help clients plan their retirement. Products like annuities and life insurance could be available from them.


According to the BLS, 24% of financial planners run their investing firms. Although they have to do office administration, marketing, and advertising duties, these professionals have more freedom regarding the goods and services they can provide. Many people might focus on a certain industry, like retirement planning.

What is the Personal Financial Advisor’s Salary?

Finance advisors get a decent personal finance advisor salary due to the high demand. The mean salary of a  Personal financial planner is INR 3 lacs. In contrast, a financial advisor’s salary for a fresher can earn up to 2.5 lacks annually, and a personal finance advisor’s salary ranges from $80,000 to $90,000. A finance planner’s salary is decent as it is the new emerging employment line which less competition, at least now. The salary of a financial planner varies according to the experience of the financial planner.


We hope now you know all about the salary of a financial planner and the reason why a financial planner’s salary is so high. This content will help you understand roles, responsibilities, and personal finance advisor salary.

Financial advisor salary in India – FAQs

What is the finance planner’s salary for the financial year 2022-23?

Ans. The average finance planner’s  salary is $  71,607 per year

Why finance planner’s salary, as well as a financial advisor’s salary for freshers, quite decent?

Ans. finance planner salary as well as financial advisor salary for fresher, is quite decent as these employment areas are newly emerging and don’t have a lot of competition. Additionally, the employers in this job are fewer, and as of today, every corporate needs it, so there is a salary hike in this profession.



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