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SBI Cash Deposit Machine Locator: How to Find SBI CDM Near Me

Finding a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) near you could be easy. You can see the nearest CDM online with a click on the button. Well, before entering into the details of How to find an SBI cash deposit machine near me? Let’s talk about the ATM. We use an ATM to withdraw Cash. CDM is exactly the opposite of an ATM. CDM is used to deposit Cash.

Cash Deposit machines are like ATMs. You want to have a debit card that allows you to deposit Cash in CDM. In many places, CDMs are set up in ATM outlets. The main difference between an ATM and a CDM is that an ATM dispenses your Cash, and an SBI CDM near me takes your Cash. Quickly, CDMs are self-service kiosks installed by banks that allow customers to deposit Cash into their accounts at once.

These nearby SBI deposit machines are installed with superior technology that securely counts and verifies the deposited Cash and gives clients a hassle-free banking experience. Keep reading this article to learn about the SBI deposit machine near me, its benefits and features, how to find it, how to deposit Cash in it, etc.

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What is a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)?

SBI Cash Deposit Machine(CDM) is similar to an ATM that permits customers to deposit Cash into their bank account by using an ATM cum debit card. The main difference between a Cash deposit machine (CDM) and an ATM is that an ATM is used to withdraw Cash while a CDM is used to deposit Cash. This SBI ATM deposit machine near me is very easy to use, and you don’t need to go to your branch to deposit Cash into your bank account.

Once you follow the steps and deposit the Cash, this SBI deposit machine near me will generate a receipt. There are various benefits of a cash deposit machine.

How does a Cash Deposit Machine work?

A Cash Deposit Machine is easy to use. All you want is your Debit Card or your bank account number. Some SBI cash deposit machines near me allow you to swipe your debit card to make a transaction, even as others require you to key in your bank account number.

The SBI CDM machine near me activates you for confirmation when you input the account number before you deposit the Cash. You can also be requested to enter your Debit Card PIN.

Once you pick out the option for ‘deposits,’ you’ll need to choose the account to which you need to deposit the Cash. When you input the appropriate amount, your transaction will be completed effectively. Customers will get a slip confirming the completion of the transaction.

How to Find an SBI Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) Near Me?

For example, the State Bank of India has more than 58,555 ATMs in the country. Most of the SBI ATMs work as CDM. Thus, here are the following steps you should follow to find an SBI cash deposit machine near me

  • First, you want to visit the SBI Finder website.
  • You now must pick out an ATM from the listing.
  • You now need to enter the CITY. After that, adjust the area radius hence.
  • You now should click on the search option.
  • The map will find the SBI CDM near me.

How to Deposit Cash in SBI Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)?

You can easily deposit Cash in the SBI deposit machine near me using your debit card or without a debit card. Here are the steps you should follow in both cases.

1. Deposit Cash in CDM with a Debit Card

  • Visit the SBI CDM near me and swipe your debit card in the machine. The process is much like an ATM. Enter your 4-digit PIN for the validation.
  • You see several screen options. Select the choice “Deposit Cash” through urgent on a touchscreen.
  • Select account type saving or contemporary. Once you are executed with the selection, you could start depositing Cash into the SBI atm deposit machine near me.
  • Deposit notes one by one in a nearby SBI deposit machine. You can most effectively deposit 100,500 and 2000 Rupee notes. The note should be in true condition. The maximum limit is Rs.49000.
  • Once you pick out the denomination and press the confirm button, the SBI CDM machine near me will take Cash for verification. You need to look forward to a few seconds. After validation, Cash will display the amount of money you have stored. If the figures are accurate, press verify, and your account may be credited.

2. Deposit Cash in CDM without a Debit Card

  • Find the nearest SBI cash deposit machine near me.
  • Enter your bank account number in the machine.
  • Select the language of your preferences.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it.
  • Select the option “Deposit Cash.”
  • Insert the Cash into the system’s slot.
  • The SBI CDM near me will verify and confirm the Cash.
  • Once the Cash is confirmed, the machine will show the amount deposited.
  • Confirm the deposited amount and complete the transaction.

The facility to deposit Cash without a debit card is also available at your bank ATMs.

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Features and Benefits of SBI CDM Machine Near Me

The individual can deposit their Cash in the cash deposit machine. SBI cash deposit machines near me are like ATMs, but their services and benefits are way better than ATMs. Moreover, every process with a cash deposit machine is completely user-friendly and does not require a huge effort. We frequently discover it challenging to visit banks because of lack of time, and at these moments, the cash deposit system works as the best system because it saves you time. However, a number of the features and benefits of the SBI atm deposit machine near me are:

  • The SBI deposit machine near me offers the spot receipt to the clients
  • There is no need to set up your cash number in a denomination way.
  • The client can use debit and credit cards for immediate needs.
  • It saves you time as it prevents you from standing in long queues.

Common Mistakes You’re Making While Depositing Cash through CDM

Even though CDMs are a smooth way of depositing money, they may also result in Cash being credited to an incorrect account if not done properly.

  • You need to enter the accurate bank account number if you don’t have a debit card.
  • However, it’s suggested to rely on a debit card rather than using bank account numbers.
  • You also need to wait for the Cash to be established and familiar through the SBI CDM near me. 
  • Many times, people deposit the Cash and do not check or wait to get it confirmed, resulting in cash loss. You also need to check the amount you deposited.
  • Always bring Cash in the right circumstances at the same time as depositing it in an SBI CDM machine near me.
  • Always choose SBI CDM near me in a safe area because, in any case, you’re handling the money.
  • You have to rely on CDM bank branches or those close to them so that if help is required, you may ask for some assistance from the bank.

Availability of SBI Cash Deposit Machine Near Me in India

SBI cash deposit machines are to be had in almost all of the cities in India. You simply need to find an SBI cash deposit system near me, and you will find the SBI cash deposit machine near me. Now you need to follow the steps mentioned in this guide to discover the SBI CDM to deposit money into your bank account.

You can easily search for SBI CDM near me in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Agra, Pune, Chennai, Nagpur, Thane, Bangalore, Surat, Jaipur, Ujjain, Dehradun, Lucknow, Vadodara, Ajmer, and many more.

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Cash Deposit Machines are usually the same as ATMs. You can easily deposit the Cash without the stress of visiting the bank or standing in long bank queues. The SBI cash deposit machine near me helps people deposit Cash without going to their banks, which makes CDM a life-savior and time-savior machine. It offers an Instant crediting cash system with the deposit receipt. Various banks, governments, and non-authorities offer CDM facilities to their customers. So, you can use this SBI CDM machine near me and get the free experience of depositing cash in your account.

SBI CDM Near Me – FAQs

Can we deposit Cash in Any CDM?

Ans. You can deposit Cash into any CDM as long as it’s far from the bank. For example, you can not deposit Cash into SBI CDM if your account is with any other bank.

What is CDM Charge in SBI?

Ans. It is INR 25 per Deposit.

Can I deposit Cash in any department of SBI?

Ans. Yes, you can easily deposit your Cash in any department of SBI Banks. SBI works on center banking, so you can deposit Cash in SBI CDM near you.

How do I deposit Cash into CDM?

Ans. You can follow the step-by-step guide given above

How do I deposit money into a CDM account?

Ans. Keep in mind that there may be no separate account referred to as a CDM account. The Cash that you deposit into CDM is once credited to the actual bank account you opened with your bank.



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