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How to Open Equitas Bank Statement PDF Password

How to get the Equitas bank statement pdf password? In the latest development, Equitas Bank has joined the ranks of scheduled banks after obtaining a license from the Reserve Bank of India. This small finance bank has quickly gained recognition amongst traders looking for safe options with higher returns and minimum market risks. Equitas Bank not only offers beneficial deposit options but has also taken strides to ensure consumer confidentiality and offer a secure banking environment.

One of the best features carried out through Equitas Bank is the stable transmission of bank statements to customers through the PDF format of their registered email accounts. To get admission to those statements, customers need to open their registered emails, discover any communication from Equitas Bank, and open it.

Let’s read this blog and learn How to Open Equitas Bank Statement PDF Password.

What is Equitas Bank?

Equitas is a small finance bank that has recently come below the category of scheduled banks after receiving a license from the Reserve Bank of India. It is a safe option for investment for all of us who aren’t in a temper to take any market risks and are waiting for a better return on investment.

Equitas Bank presents money-making offers on deposits that are making it popular with many of the public. Besides, the Bank has also taken steps to maintain safety and provide all facilities for its users to check Equitas’ bank statement pdf password.

What does Equitas Small Finance Bank Do?

Equitas Small Finance Bank is an RBI-registered small finance bank that started its operations on September 5, 2016. It is a subsidiary of Equitas Holdings, which was one of the main MFIs in the country. This is the first private sector bank to start operations from Tamil Nadu. It has Pan India operations and provides a range of banking products and services to people and MSMEs.

What Facilities are offered by Equitas Bank?

Equitas Bank Net Banking is the Bank’s Internet Service, giving the following facilities to the User: Balance inquiry, an announcement of account, Equitas bank statement password, request for issues of Cheque ebook, view private account information, info of declaration of bills connected, functions linked with Debit card services, money transfer, and the Bank may decide to provide more services sometimes like checking Equitas bank statement pdf password.

Users can refer to a person having an account in this bank and legally eligible by a bank to get access to net banking services. Account refers back to the User’s Savings and/or Current Account and/or Fixed Deposit and/or Cash Credit Account and or some other type of account so exact by the Bank to be blanketed under the Equitas Bank Internet Banking facility.

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Features of Equitas Bank

Using Equitas bank services, you may do the following banking transactions online:

  • View all your bills & email your account statements.
  • Deposits (Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits).
  • Debit Cards (Hotlist, Reset / Forgot Password).
  • Transfers funds to Equitas Bank or other banks.
  • TDS Details (TDS Exemption).
  • Standing Instructions.
  • Mobile & DTH Recharge.
  • Service Requests on Cheque ebook (Request, Cheque Status, Stop Cheque).

How to Login Equitas Net Banking?

Here are the steps you need to follow to log in and register to check the Equitas bank statement pdf password.

  • Click here to log in at Equitas Bank Net Banking.
  • Click right here to sign in at Equitas Bank Net Banking.

How to Activate Equitas Bank Internet Banking?

Here is how you can activate Equitas Bank internet banking.

  • Visit and select Login from the Menu.
  • Tap on the personal option and click on Registration.
  • Sign up with both ‘User Details or Debit Card Details’.
  • Select and solve any 3 Security Questions.
  • Enter the OTP sent in your registered mobile number and affirm.
  • Set Password and put up to spark off Internet Banking

Registration Requirements

Here are the important requirements users should meet to register to Equitas Bank to get access to Equitas Bank statement password.

  • Keep your Account Number, Customer ID, Debit Card, Registered Mobile Number, and Debit Card PIN during the registration.
  • Enter the obtained OTP (One Time Password) efficiently, which you will acquire on your registered number.
  • Please do not share your Net Banking User ID and Password with all.
  • Email ID is the registered email ID that you have given at the time of account beginning.
  • If no email ID is registered with the Jana Bank, please enter any of your legitimate email IDs.

Methods to Get Equitas Bank Statement PDF Password

Here, we have defined more than one method below. Choose the methods to check the Equitas bank statement pdf password.

1. Using an ATM Machine

Steps to Get Equitas Small Finance Bank Statement the using ATM Machine:

  • Find any ATM close to your location.
  • Visit the ATM.
  • Insert your debit card into the ATM.
  • Select the language that you would love to use in the machine.
  • Now, enter your PIN.
  • Select “Banking” from the display of the system.
  • Then select “Statement” from the banking menu.
  • Select the type of account you keep with the Bank (Savings or Current).
  • The device will method your request. And you may get a broadcast receipt out of the machine, that’s your assertion.

2. Using a Mobile Banking App

Steps to Get Equitas Small Finance Bank Statement using Mobile Banking App:

  • Download and install the mobile banking app Equitas Small Finance Bank.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Enter your login details into the app.
  • Once you log in, pick the account of your preference in the dashboard.
  • Tap on the “Account Summary” button.
  • The details of your transactions will be shown to you.

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Banks have paved a simple way by the use of an effective era to cater to the needs of their clients. Along with the comfortable credit score and expertise of its workforce, safety is a good factor to look for before establishing an account with a selected bank. A bank that maintains itself and its operations up to date and offers ease of operations to its clients without the loss of time is favored by using its customers.



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